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LUCA TESCONI grew up in Tonfano, a little boring village on the coast of Tuscany, Italy, where he lived until he legally had to, and finally came to the United States.

LUCA’s comedy reflects on the issue of being an Italian in a country that was
discovered by an Italian, but which ended up speaking English, and branding Italians as a bunch of “Guineas.”

LUCA has become a regular at the major clubs of NYC, including Caroline’s and Stand-Up New York. Armed with his Italian accent, LUCA can get away with anything when on stage. Ask this Italian comedian why he left a country as beautiful as Italy and he will tell you:“It’s one thing to vacation in a place where people still crap in a bucket, and women breast-feed their children until they’re 14… but it’s another story to live there.”

A talented writer as well, LUCA received an honorable mention by the Jury of St. Vincent’s “Cinema in Diretta”, Italy, for his short “Maggie”, in which he also starred.

In addition, he was selected to compete for the semi-finals of the 9th Annual Writer’s Network Competition in Los Angeles. LUCA has also appeared in CBS’ “Guiding Light.” LUCA TESCONI lives in NYC, with his rigorously Italian wife, Nadia, who has seen all of his shows, and hopes and prays that her beloved husband will soon become a star.



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